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StartEconomyAmazon will create 3,000 jobs in Boston by expanding its new office

Amazon will create 3,000 jobs in Boston by expanding its new office

Nikol Szymul works in an Amazon office reception tucked into a building called Fiona in Downtown Seattle, Washington May 11, 2017.

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Amazon plans to create 3,000 jobs and open a new office in Boston, the company Advertise Tuesday.

New employees – expected to focus on software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, management, human resources and finance – will support Amazon Web Services, robotics, Alexa, and the emerging Amazon pharmacy teams. Amazon expects to add jobs over the next several years.

Amazon said it rented a 17-story office tower in the Boston Seaport area to accommodate the new employees. The 630,000-square-foot office, slated for completion in 2024, will include a workspace, innovation labs and mixed-use common areas for employees, as well as two theaters and other spaces for the public.

The expansion is based on the growing presence of Amazon in Boston. In 2018, Amazon He said He will create 2,000 jobs in Boston and announce that he will lease A 17-storey detached mixed-use building in the seaport area. The tower is expected to be completed this year.

Amazon Hiring done At unprecedented levels during the pandemic, buoyed by soaring demand for e-commerce, shoppers stuck at home have turned to online retailers of basic and non-essential goods.

The company added more than 400,000 employees in 2020, pushing its global workforce to over 1 million. Last year, Amazon Advertise It will add thousands of jobs in technology centers in major cities, including New York, Detroit and San Diego.