BBC headline apologizes for Phil Spector's death

BBC headline apologizes for Phil Spector’s death

BBC apologizes Shortly after the soft headline was published, „Talented producer Phil Spector dies at 81“.

Referring to the killer who shot actress Lana Clarkson in her mouth as merely „defective“, the BBC was immediately subjected to a backlash, including an article in Watchman Titled „Phil Spector Wasn’t a Flawed Genius“ – He Was a Murderer, tweet by singer Lily Allen:

The BBC immediately changed its title to „Pop Producer Dies of Homicide at the age of 81“ and said: „We apologize for this mistake,“ and that the title „did not meet our editorial standards.“

From the BBC:

Reaction to the original version of the BBC story, pop star Lily Allen tweeted: „It attracts the attention of all journalists to deliberately downplay Phil Spector for being a killer in their headlines, so everyone points it out while linking to their articles, which results in many clicks.“

„Kill Lana Clarkson“ Labor MP Abasana Begum published. „Unforgivable reports.“

„What about ‚the killer, Phil Spector died at the age of 81‘?“ Offered by author and historian Haley Rubenhold.

The headline was also discussed on TV and radio programs Monday, including „Loose Women“ and „Woman’s Hour on Radio 4“ Article in the Guardian.

Writer Arwa Mahdawi said that the formulation of the BBC article – and likewise – was „a reflection of how“ a man’s genius is seen as more important than a woman’s humanity. „

Photo: California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

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