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StartTechDataminer reportedly reveals details of the Switch Pro: OLED, 4K, 'much better'...

Dataminer reportedly reveals details of the Switch Pro: OLED, 4K, ‚much better‘ battery

An indication of an upgrade Nintendo Switch A model was found in the latest firmware update for the console, which appears to reinforce reports that the „Pro“ console will be released this year.

Details come through a well-known data factor M, Which claims the firmware refers to a new device codenamed „Aula“.

Aula is said to be using the Mariko (Tegra X1 +) SoC, which is the same chip used on the Nintendo Switch Lite and Review 2019.

While this in itself does not indicate performance improvement, SciresM suggests that it will be pushed to higher clock speeds and that the firmware also indicates support for the Realtek chip which advertises itself as a „4K UHD SoC for Multimedia“. Previous media reports indicated this Switch Pro will support 4K resolution.

As for physical devices, the Aula model is „definitely“ claimed to have an upgraded display in the form of an OLED display.

A data operator has reportedly revealed the Switch Pro’s details.

SciresM notes that the screen may not be the highest resolution on the tablet itself, and it speculated that the 4K Realtek chip may be inside the dock of the new model, allowing for 4K resolution when played on TV.

Additionally, the firmware suggests „significantly“ better cooling and battery life for the Aula.

Several outlets have reported that Nintendo is preparing for launch New Switch devices in early 2021 And it may feature improved computing power and 4K graphics support.

According to a September Bloomberg story, Nintendo is said to have asked game developers to make their current games ready in 4K resolution, In preparation for new devices.

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In response to a question about „Switch Pro“, as it was called, through a ribbed Interview published last month, Nintendo of America Prime Doug Bowser downplayed the reports The company is planning an imminent refurbishment of the adapter.

„At the moment, with the momentum we have, our focus will be on the current form factors,“ he said.

„First, we’re always looking for technology,“ Bowser added. “As we know, technology is constantly evolving and changing. We are always looking at what is to come to define it: How can it improve and improve the gaming experience? Whether it is on an existing platform, or if it is on a future platform, we are always looking at it.

“However, at the moment we also see – and we just talked about it – that the momentum on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in Year 4. We think we’re changing the life cycle path of another typical console.

„For the foreseeable future, we will continue to really rely on each of these platforms and the content that comes with them, because it is the symbiotic relationship that makes the real difference. That is why the Nintendo Switch is so unique.“

Bowser also reiterated Nintendo’s belief that Switch platform „only in the middle“ of its life cycle.

Switch launched in March 2017 and it was It has sold over 68 million units as of September 2020According to Nintendo.