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StartTechGoogle's upcoming Nest Hub can use radar to track your sleep, and...

Google’s upcoming Nest Hub can use radar to track your sleep, and I have questions

Earlier this week, we reported about it Google may update the Nest Hub Which has Soli technique, and Report from 9to5Google Now he suggests it might be of something unexpected: sleep tracking.

In case you’re not familiar, Soli is Google’s radar technology used to detect gestures and human presence. she was It was first introduced in the Pixel 4 (Who stopped in August), And although it is not present in any of Google’s current Pixel devices, it is now appearing in smart home devices. Like the Nest Thermostat.

So there is a precedent for Google to include technology in its smart home devices. The Nest Hub really looks like an alarm clock, and because it doesn’t have a built-in camera, it might be more acceptable in the bedroom for sleep tracking. But I still have some questions about how it works.

As nearly every sleep aid commercial indicates, we all sleep differently. So far, Solly has been very short-lived, so what happens if she flips over to the other side of the bed? Will you lose track of you? What if you have a pet that loves to come and lie down (or on) your head? Will you start tracking their movement instead?

There’s also the problem of bedside tables. Those who own night tables may have completely different places in regards to where they sleep, and some may not have them at all. So far, Soli has only been used directly, so it’s unclear how Google would deal with having to detect movement and being in a variety of angles and distances.

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Maybe Google will surprise us and discover all this when they advertise the product, or maybe even sleep tracking will only work under certain conditions. Despite my questions, though, I think there are a lot of other ways that motion control of an alarm makes sense.

I’m not necessarily able to speak coherently when I wake up for the first time, so being able to force my hand at the Nest Hub to turn off the alarm, as my co-worker suggested, would be a nice trick. People waking up to music can also wave to skip a song if the song that comes out isn’t the way they want to start their day.

If all this sounds interesting to you, then 9to5Google The report says the Soli-powered Nest Hub should come sometime this year. The FCC files, which arrived this week, may also indicate that the product may be soon. Although they do not always guarantee a product will be released, we sometimes see it before official product announcements.