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StartTechKinetic Games introduces Phasmophobia beta changes to hidden voice

Kinetic Games introduces Phasmophobia beta changes to hidden voice

Phasmophobia Ghosts are really scary, but a new change in the game could make them even more deadly. Developer Kinetic Games posted an update to its Twitter account on Monday, writing: „There is another small update on the beta version with another new addition.“

This addition is that the Ghost will now listen to players‘ voices while hunting, and search for locations where players are speaking.

Phasmophobia He puts a team of players together inside a haunted house, a school, or even a prison investigation. Investigators use a range of tools, such as a blank book and pen or thermometer, to determine the type of ghost they are dealing with. The game also interacts with players‘ voices. One way to get a shy ghost out of hiding is to ask questions, such as „How old are you?“ Players can also shout the ghost’s name in an attempt to remove them from hiding.

Ghosts start to be ashamed, but eventually they start chasing detectives in an attempt to kill them. This change in the beta server makes it so the ghost hears the investigators loudly, and turns toward that sound for some sinister murders. Size doesn’t matter. In a follow-up tweet, Kinetic Games has made it clear that you can still communicate with your team … carefully. „The acoustic update depends on how loud the microphone is,“ Kinetic said. „So you will be able to whisper while hunting.“

This addition to the game is actually based on player feedback. Players thought their size would feed ghosts during the hunting stage, and acted accordingly. This turned out not to be true.

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If this beta test went well, Phasmophobia Players can look forward to whisper while chasing frayed ghosts and check microphone volume … or grab a ghost and brutally kill. Either strategy can work!

Phasmophobia It also added prison level in December, so players who scored the game came out During the original wave of popularity in October You might want to go back to the ghost hunting truck and give the changes a spin.