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Das Eigenheim modernisieren – so geht’s

Das Eigenheim ist für viele Menschen nicht nur ein Ort zum Wohnen, sondern auch ein Ort der Geborgenheit und des persönlichen Ausdrucks. Mit der...
StartTechLooks like you'll be able to adjust how much Bowser Jr. ...

Looks like you’ll be able to adjust how much Bowser Jr. In the new add-on for Super Mario 3D World

© Nintendo

The Twitter account of Nintendo’s 35th Anniversary has shared some new information on Chariot anger.

This new add-on for the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World, Which Nintendo described as a A standalone adventure „short but full of action“ It will apparently include an option on one of the game’s menus to adjust the amount of help Mario gets from Bowser Jr. in the game.

Here is a rough translation of the tweet, provided by Google Translate:

„Mario teams up with Bowser Jr., who should always be an enemy. Bowser Jr. will assist you in picking up items and“ help „by Mario. The degree of assistance can be set.“

Bowser's Fury game menu© Nintendo

There also appears to be the possibility to change the camera settings, as shown in the translation below:

Plus receive some help from Bowser Jr. Another player can also participate in and control the fun. Will you jump straight into Bowser’s Fury when Super Mario 3D World arrives on February 12th? Tell us below.

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