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Das Eigenheim modernisieren – so geht’s

Das Eigenheim ist für viele Menschen nicht nur ein Ort zum Wohnen, sondern auch ein Ort der Geborgenheit und des persönlichen Ausdrucks. Mit der...
StartTechNinja Gaiden and Tomonobu Itagaki from Dead or Alive started a new...

Ninja Gaiden and Tomonobu Itagaki from Dead or Alive started a new studio

Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive director Tomonobu Itagaki has formed a new studio – Itagaki Games – and said “It is an honor for me” to work with Microsoft again. The social networking site Facebook It revealed that this announcement was supposed to be part of a conversation Bloomberg Article, but deleted „due to its character limit“.

Discuss how, over the past four years since leaving Devil’s Third’s Valhalla Game Studios, which he co-founded, he has been teaching developing games for a younger generation. However, he now feels he wants to „make a game again and just set up a company for this.“He further explained that although Itagaki Games is not a part of Koei Tecmo or Valhalla Games Studios, he will not be against working with Microsoft again.

„I know Microsoft is still aggressive,“ Itagaki said. „If they reach out to me, it will be an honor for me.“

The Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive titles under Itagaki were exclusive to Xbox, so the established relationship is already in.Itagaki resigned from Tecmo in 2008 after the launch of Ninja Gaiden 2 and filed a lawsuit against the company and its chairman Yoshimi Yasuda over the unpaid bonuses.

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