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StartTechNintendo characters star in Awesome Godzilla versus Kong Mash-Up

Nintendo characters star in Awesome Godzilla versus Kong Mash-Up

The noise is too loud Godzilla vs Kong After the release of the first trailer for the movie, And a Nintendo fan took the opportunity to re-imagine the upcoming fight with a pair of company characters. Artist @ TinaFate1 shared on Twitter an amazing match between two different dinosaurs and monkeys: Bowser and Donkey Kong! The characters seem to get along well with the monsters, although it looks like their struggle will result in slightly less damage than the battle between Kong and Godzilla. This is because, instead of being a city, the backdrop to this gigantic conflict is the Battlefield stage of the Super Smash Bros franchise.

The image from @ TinaFate1 embedded can be found below.

The decision to use Donkey Kong in this role is very apt, given the history between the two characters. The King Kong movies had a great influence on Shigeru Miyamoto’s development of the original Donkey Kong Arcade game. The game found a great deal of success, which led MCA Universal to sue Nintendo in 1984. However, Nintendo managed to prove that the King Kong character was actually in the public domain, and the company won the lawsuit, as a result.

Since those early days, Donkey Kong has strayed slightly from his King Kong-inspired roots, while remaining one of Nintendo’s biggest characters. Although he started out as Mario’s main rival, the character eventually became a full-on hero, having starred in the hugely popular Donkey Kong Country series. Of course, Bowser took on the role of Mario’s biggest enemy with his release Super Mario Bros. In 1985. Ironically, Bowser’s next role would see the character grow to the size of Kaigo Super Mario 3D World + Fury Bowser. In that game, Players You will be able to participate in a massive battle between Bowser and a giant version of Mario. Unfortunately, there is no Donkey Kong site!

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With Godzilla vs Kong Scheduled to be released in a few short months, it’s not hard to imagine that the movie will inspire a slew of additional artwork like the one made by @ TinaFate1!

Are you looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong? What do you think of @ TinaFate1’s artwork? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Embed a Tweet To talk about all things games!