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StartWorldOhio restaurant owner tears down Biden's embrace of $ 15 minimum wage...

Ohio restaurant owner tears down Biden’s embrace of $ 15 minimum wage as bad for business

that Ohio The restaurant owner warns that any increase in the minimum wage now will hurt small businesses the most.

President Biden signed executive orders Friday that will increase food aid, protect job seekers from unemployment, and pave the way for federal workers and contractors to receive a $ 15 minimum wage per hour, as part of the coronavirus relief package.

While Biden’s minimum wage action only affects federal employees, he supports a wage of $ 15 an hour for all workers.

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He told Adrian Adornito, who owns three pizzerias in Ohio Fox & Friends Weekend On Saturday, the costs of a higher minimum wage will put „additional pressure“ on struggling small businesses.

He described the consideration of such a step during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic as a „bad timing“.

„You will do many things for my business and my staff. I will probably chop hours back. I work in the pizza business, until a $ 12 pizza grows to $ 19 for pizza, and in my part of Ohio,“ Adornito said.

He said his work faced difficult „hurdles“ amid the epidemic, and the increase in the minimum wage at the present time was „unimaginable.“

Ardonetto said Biden’s wages increase would have a „ripple effect“ in his enterprises, and he may have to raise prices on the list in an attempt to cover his expenses.

“People are really scared to go out; we’re at half the capacity… It’s cruel and scary. It’s so real,” Ardonetto said.

Despite his struggles, the business owner still finds ways to give back to the community. He has collaborated with other pizzerias to provide financing assistance to companies in need.

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„We started something called“ Pizza with a Purpose „with the Ohio Restaurant Association. We’re really excited about it. This week Monday through Sunday every pizza shop participates, with every special pepperoni pizza they sell, $ 1 goes into an Ohio restaurant employee’s relief fund, Ardonetto said.