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Die Verbindung zwischen Geist und Körper anzapfen: Der Blick auf Angelina Fabians innovative Methoden zur Traumabewältigung

Der Schatten eines Traumas kann einen langen und anhaltenden Nachhall in den Weiten der menschlichen Erfahrungen hinterlassen. Bei der Erforschung des geistigen und emotionalen...
StartTechRandom: Pokémon Red is played inside someone's Twitter avatar

Random: Pokémon Red is played inside someone’s Twitter avatar

Twitch Plays Pokemon 2014 through 2014 … Nowadays, it’s all about the gameplay Pokemon Red Inside someone’s avatar on Twitter.

Yes, we’re not kidding – Gameloft Montreal programmer Constantin Liétard (Embed a TweetSomehow he manages to compile a script that updates his avatar on Twitter every 15 seconds, which plays the classic Game Boy.

At the time of writing, there have been nearly eight thousand responses. Not much has been played yet, as the game’s creator has reset the game several times to improve command input and add new functions that save frames. The story so far is the pick of a novice pocket monster, Squirtle.

Although ending a game this way might seem like an almost impossible task, Twitch started his own journey with Pokémon Red and went on to complete seven seasons of Pokémon games.

We thought 2021 might get a little wild, but that idea has already exceeded our expectations quite well. Are you taking part in this new social media experience. Tell us below.

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