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StartTechTouken Ranbu Sword Avatar Gets English Version - News

Touken Ranbu Sword Avatar Gets English Version – News

Johren begins pre-registration on Tuesday for the historic Japanese sword incarnation game

Gaming platform Johren announced its launch Monday Nitrops And the DMM Toys‘ Touken Ranbu Online Game in English. Players can pre-register for the match that starts on Tuesday.

Joharen describes the game:

Reviewers seeking to change history began attacking the past. To prevent such threats, Cronus‘ ministry sent Saniwa to every era. Saniwa, with the ability to arouse the hearts and emotions of things, can confer powers to fight and control themselves. Thus, created as Tsukumogami, Saniwa flies past with Touken Danshi to preserve true history. Players become the Sani, will incarnate Touken Danshi, and the famous swords have taken the forms of honorable warriors. Collect eight types of Touken – Tanto, Wakizashi, Uchigatana, Tachi, Otachi, Naginata, Yari, and Tsurugi. Create your own unique brochure and prevent historical reviewers from changing the past. Touken Ranbu Online is a collection and breeding simulation game featuring Touken Danshi, the historical swordsman. Don’t miss the talks between Touken Danshi, too! Head into the battle with Touken Danshi at your side!

The famous „sword training game“ takes swords from Japanese history and interprets them as Pichenen. Nitrops Design the characters and the script. The game was launched in Japan in January 2015. The Franchise May inspire Katsugiki: Token Ranbu Anime TV series and upcoming anime movie Tokin Ranbu: Hanamaru Spinov anime series and a compilation anime movie. The live-action movie opened in Japan in January 2019, and a sequel film will open this year. The Franchise It also inspired a string of musicals and a series of plays, as well as many manga.

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