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StartTechValve is working on more games

Valve is working on more games

While serving his quarantine in New Zealand, National News Channel Valve guy has Gabe Newell sitting and clearly not answering some of his very favorite questions. They did their best to ask about all three-ending games, but Newell of course refused to say anything about it. He was willing to say the company had games currently in development and he also mentioned that launch Half Life: Alex Create the desperation within the company to keep creating singles games.

Newell I spoke with 1 news About things like esports and Cyberpunk 2077 but of course things always come back to Valve’s own games.

He said, „We definitely have games in development that we’ll announce – it’s fun to ship games.“ It is certainly not surprising that they are working on games. Valve has had all kinds of games in development over the years. We heard about a lot of them on Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours documentary From last summer. They started and canceled everything from Half-Life 3 to a genre of RPGs to other VR experiences.

The bigger question is whether or not they will finish and release any of the games they are currently working on. Newell’s mention that Valve might actually announce any of them they have in development is quite interesting.

Somewhat about it, Newell says: „Alex was great – to get back into singles games, which created a lot of momentum within the company to do more of that.“ That’s not what I would call a concrete commitment, but it’s good to hear that getting Alyx out the door could inspire Valve to bring other things out of solo games into the wild quite often.

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For all of those series that don’t have third entries, at least they try. „I haven’t talked successfully about these things for a long time and I hope to continue not talking about them until they are asked questions,“ Newell said. „Then we move on to a new set of questions.“

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