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Das Eigenheim modernisieren – so geht’s

Das Eigenheim ist für viele Menschen nicht nur ein Ort zum Wohnen, sondern auch ein Ort der Geborgenheit und des persönlichen Ausdrucks. Mit der...
StartTechXbox Game Pass is losing Death Squared and two more games soon

Xbox Game Pass is losing Death Squared and two more games soon

Just yesterday, Five games have been announced that will soon leave the Xbox Game PassAnd now it looks like there’s more on their way out. Three more games have been added to the Xbox Game Pass library’s „Leave Soon“ board, including Death box For players Xbox Game Pass, Death’s Gambit and Reigns: Game of Thrones for Xbox Game Pass for PC gamers. The three will be leaving in the next two weeks.

The completion time in Death Squared is around 8-10 hours, so it shouldn’t take you long to finish any of its 25 achievements – especially if you are using the Super Level. Wandering death square – even though he seems to be there One buggy achievement You may need attention. Death Squared is a cooperative puzzle game about directing your robot to its target, and strategizing with other players to avoid traps and finish each puzzle. It will leave the Xbox Game Pass for the next few weeks.

Death’s Gambit and Reigns: Game of Thrones will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass to the PC library in the next two weeks as well. Reigns is a card and board game where you can scroll through scenarios. It’s a different story than the show or books because it is based on Melisandre’s insights, so you can control any number of characters and change their stories. Death’s Gambit, meanwhile, is an action RPG with platform elements, where you play an agent of Death, and fight to purify the souls on a hostile planet from the Middle Ages.

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We still have a few new Xbox Game Passes to look forward to this month. Control joined Xbox Game Pass for PC this week, with Project Winter arriving at Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC on January 26, followed by The Medium a few days later on January 28. We’ll let you know when we hear what Microsoft has also planned for Xbox Game Pass in 2021.