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StartTechZelda: Moder confirms that the non-playable characters in Breath of the Wild...

Zelda: Moder confirms that the non-playable characters in Breath of the Wild are actually Miis

It turns out that The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the WildThe character modeling is already following Nintendo’s Mii format. This means an enterprising moderator has figured out a way to make NPCs look like specific Miis.

Twitter user EHEYim Herwick, Which has diligently indexed over 100 official Miis on Mii Library websiteFind out over the weekend that Breath of the wild The NPCs use an „advanced version of the Mii format“ called UMii. “UMiis has almost all parameters like the Wii U / 3DS Miis, with some slight differences here and there,” Alice Books on Reddit on Monday.

For the record, there was long speculation (Since launching the game in 2017) That Breath of the wild He resorted to the Mii format to build non-playable characters to populate the game’s vast open world. Alice’s work confirms this, and also reveals that Miis can be imported directly into the game.

Mii’s art style and characters are clearly in Breath of the wild Quite different but the two basically use the same features and parameters. It is a convenient way of the game to create unique characters on a grand scale. Moder discovered their Mii look Breath of the wild, Even though the game transformed Mii’s hairstyle (which wasn’t one of the Breath of the wild Hair options) in one supported. (Other hats and headdresses have been transformed into different hairstyles as well.)

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EHEYim Herwick Credits The Breath of the wild Discord adjustment With a lot of help, especially in testing and providing screenshots of transfers from Mii to the game.

Import Miis to Breath of the wild Not necessarily strenuous But it requires a file Nintendo Switch, Or Wii U, then extract and edit UMii file from the game to take the same features as the Mii file. It also replaces a specific NPC, so you have to find their place and visit in the world to see for yourself.