Samstag, Juni 15, 2024

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StartEconomyBiden chooses Rohit Chopra to lead the Consumer Protection Agency

Biden chooses Rohit Chopra to lead the Consumer Protection Agency

Two sources said President-elect Joe Biden chose Rohit Chopra as the next director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Chopra, a member of the Federal Trade Commission, helped launch the agency in 2011 and previously worked as its assistant director.

He is an ally of Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, who has proposed and built a consumer-focused agency. It is also supported by progressive groups. I mentioned Bloomberg for the first time Chopra selection.

And among those who praised the move on Sunday They were Randy WeingartenLeader of the American Federation of Educators, W. Consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen, Which he described as „a fantastic choice who will take the agency back to the days of actual fighting for consumers.“

In the Consumer Office, Chopra worked on student loan issues and helped secure funding for people who were being unlawfully targeted by debt collectors, for-profit colleges, and more. According to his agency biography.

In the Federal Trade Commission, he “has pushed for strict remedies against firms in breach of the law, especially repeat offenders, and has worked to reverse the Federal Trade Commission’s reliance on no-money and no-fault settlements,” his bio says.

Reported by Jeff Bennett in Washington and Tim Stiloah in California.

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