Connect the exhaust to a Tesla charger

Ram’s pickup truck stopped until A. Tesla Charger And proceeded to stop him. The truck is known to be a Toyota Prius and has the charging cable in its exhaust, but the truck is not fooling anyone.

Of course, he might see this pickup driver as a funny business. The driver clearly wants to get some attention from this. Why is it also known as a Prius and „plug“ a charging cable into the massive exhaust?

Admittedly, we’re a chuckle upon seeing this. However, banning charging stations is real and for electric vehicle drivers it is not a disappointment. A blocked charger may leave the electric vehicle stuck if the charge is close to zero and there is nowhere else to plug it in.

In the early days of electric vehicles, blocked chargers were likely a result of gas / diesel drivers not knowing that those locations were for electric cars. Although, it is a little different these days. Signs have improved and most drivers there are fully aware of the purpose of charging stations, so seeing a blocked charger today is rare and if one of them is blocked, it is likely an intentional act by the driver of a gas / diesel vehicle.

In this case though, selecting the Prius and connecting to a supercharger shows another level of lack of education. The „regular“ Prius does not connect, and it certainly cannot access the Tesla Supercharger network. So, even though the Ram Truck Driver thinks this is funny, the jokes are really on him / her, showing a complete lack of knowledge on many levels.

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In addition to banning charging stations, another much more exciting business often involves Teslas and the truck. We are referring to countless works of Rolling coal on Tesla, Which is made by illegally modified diesel trucks often Specifically targeting Teslas in the wild.

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