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Die Verbindung zwischen Geist und Körper anzapfen: Der Blick auf Angelina Fabians innovative Methoden zur Traumabewältigung

Der Schatten eines Traumas kann einen langen und anhaltenden Nachhall in den Weiten der menschlichen Erfahrungen hinterlassen. Bei der Erforschung des geistigen und emotionalen...
StartTechCyberpunk 2077 update introduced a bug that broke the game

Cyberpunk 2077 update introduced a bug that broke the game

Cyberpunk 2077 game 1.1 update He was supposed to be caught Turbulent game On the road Towards redemption. Instead, he seems to have come up with his own set of problems. for every Eurogamer, Players have detected a bug that is breaking the game Cyberpunk 2077 game The „Down on the Street“ mission. To move the mission forward, your character should receive a call from a non-playable character named Goro Takemura (pictured above). Unfortunately, as now, Takemura will call V but he won’t say anything, rendering you unable to advance on the mission, thus moving the main story forward.

CDPR said it is working on an urgent fix to address the issue it plans to release „as soon as possible“. We will update this article as soon as it is published. Meanwhile, the studio shared a The solution You can use it to bypass the problem, but you will need to save earlier. As you might imagine, Takemura’s error is one of the causes of 1.1 It didn’t fall off well With Cyberpunk 2077 Players. When CDPR broke down an Schedule updates Earlier this month, it said the upcoming 1.2 update of the game would include more significant fixes and improvements.

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