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StartBusinessEurope's largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT scales business in Portugal

Europe’s largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT scales business in Portugal

Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, WhiteBIT, continues to scale and implement its global mission of introducing blockchain technology around the world.

The next European country where WhiteBIT will implement its strategic goals is Portugal.  The Portuguese market aroused interest of crypto-exchange because of extremely developed banking sphere and IT directions, which are widely represented there.

The company’s CEO Volodymyr Nosov recently paid a working visit to the Portuguese Republic and met with government officials, local politicians, regulators and representatives of the country’s banking sector. Particularly, Volodymyr Nosov discussed the prospects of blockchain technology development with the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Modernization of the Portuguese Administrative Sector, Dr. Mariu Filipe Campolargo. The Portuguese government is interested in the rapid development of the crypto industry in the country, there is potential for this.  Therefore, the public sector is interested in a systematic dialogue with WhiteBIT, for the company to share its experience and expertise in this field.  

The result of the visit was the opening of a WhiteBIT representative office in Portugal. The company hopes that WhiteBIT’s entry into the Portuguese market will be another impetus to the development of the crypto industry in this country.

The top management of the crypto exchange is in the process of obtaining a financial license for new Portuguese projects. Currently, WhiteBIT specialists are assembling a team of like-minded local marketing and Business Development Management specialists in the Portuguese Republic. Also, active negotiations continue with companies interested in blockchain technology development, as WhiteBIT provides a ready-made business solution (WhitePAY particularly).

„Our company’s global goal and mission is to achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology and increase the cryptocurrency community in the world. The future of humanity is digital technology, including blockchain. This is what we believe in and adhere to. Opening a representative office in Portugal is a logical step in the development of not only WhiteBIT, but the cryptocurrency community as a whole. Portugal is a country that understands the prospects that cryptocurrency holds. There is a big public demand for blockchain technology. There is interest and support from the government, the banking sector, there are conditions for development. Portugal today has all the chances to become a European center, a base for international financial and technological companies. That is why it is quite logical that WhiteBIT is opening a representative office in Portugal“, – underlined Volodymyr Nosov.

In Portugal, almost 10% of the population owns cryptocurrency, and this figure is increasing every year.  The country has created an attractive environment for investors and intends to develop the blockchain industry in the future.  WhiteBIT’s representation in Portugal has become the fifth market expansion region after Spain, Georgia, Turkey and Australia.

„We strive to make cryptocurrency accessible by providing our users with a secure and easy-to-use platform.  In one year, WhiteBIT’s active audience has grown 20-fold and today stands at almost 2.5 million users.  We believe that the modern and advanced technology we use will help increase the cryptocurrency community around the world.  And we are working hard at it“, –  emphasized the CEO of WhiteBIT.

Remark: WhiteBIT is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. It meets all KYC and AML requirements. It is among the top 2 exchanges in the world in terms of security, based on an independent audit by Hacken and has an AAA rating. The WhiteBIT team unites 500+ members.