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StartentertainmentA baby giraffe dies at the Nashville Zoo after its mother runs...

A baby giraffe dies at the Nashville Zoo after its mother runs on it

The first-time mother, Nasha, 6, gave birth to a healthy calf on Saturday after a complicated birth, according to the zoo.

But after announcing the birth, zookeepers noticed that the calf was in trouble. A little later, they announced the tragic loss.

„We are sad to announce that a starch calf died shortly after our birth was announced earlier today after the calf was accidentally trampled over by its mother.“ Zoo Books.

„Our animal welfare team entered quickly but was unsuccessful in saving the calf,“ wrote the zoo. „The initial autopsy showed trauma to the neck, but further tests will be done to determine if there are any underlying causes of newborn death. Thank you all for your support over the past few weeks and especially during this difficult time.“

„We are devastated by the loss of Nasha’s calf,“ said Dr. Heather Schwartz, director of veterinary medicine at the zoo. „Our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that this calf receives the best possible care. We have gone from a stillborn fear to the joy of revival to distress.“

Childbirth complications led the zoo to drop live feed during the birth process as thousands seized them, the zoo He said.
„Surprise! A starch calf has arrived, in a completely different way than we expected! There were some complications in labor and our team stepped in to help with the delivery. Mum and baby seem fine …“ chirp in time.

Schwartz said the calf appeared to be thriving, and they decided to transfer the newborn to be with her mother. Schwartz said the two were bonding, but during this time Nasha may have accidentally hit the calf.

Maasai giraffes are at risk of extinction due to their population having decreased by nearly 50% in the past three decades, according to Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Nasha is doing well and the rangers will provide her with plenty of rest and care over the next few days, according to the zoo.

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