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StartEconomyJohn Matzi, CEO of Parler Corporation, forced family into hiding over death...

John Matzi, CEO of Parler Corporation, forced family into hiding over death threats, security breaches: lawsuit

On Friday, a new court file from Parler’s legal team revealed that CEO John Matzy and his family are now in hiding due to death threats and security breaches they have faced.

Parler, a social media app with a large user base of Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists and far-right extremists, launched an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon after the tech giant halted its web services following the riots last week on Capitol Hill. Amazon provided a response, claiming it had no „legal basis“ and alleging that its employees faced threats and harassment.

The lawsuit from Parler’s attorney obtained by Fox News admits that Annoying The allegations made by Amazon but note that the company Jeff Bezos runs is not the one that receives the threats.

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“Although the AWS stamp proposal focuses only on its employees, Parler employees have been similarly harassed and threatened,” the file states. “Many Parler employees suffer from harassment and hostility, fear for their safety and that of their families, and in some cases have fled their home state to escape persecution,” Parler CEO John Matzi Jr. stated in his support for TRO.

“Matzi himself, as the CEO of AWS continues to tarnish his reputation, has been forced to leave his home and go into hiding with his family after receiving death threats and invasive personal security breaches,” the recording continued.

Earlier this week, Matzi told Fox News about the various threats he’s received and the measures he will take to protect his family.

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„There is a group called UGNazi targeting me,“ Matzi said, noting that the controversial group of hackers had released many of his passwords and personal information on the Internet. „They posted my street address, and threatened to enter through my door.“

He said that he usually did not take threats seriously. But this time he went into hiding with his family.

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He is unsure of when he will be back home, saying he takes things “day in and day out,” but believes that breaking away from his usual routine amid the chaos surrounding his company may actually have a positive effect.

It’s probably flat, Matzi said. „If I’m at home now, I think my stress levels were three times higher … at least there’s a saving grace.“

Brian Flood of Fox News contributed to this report.