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StartentertainmentOlivia Rodrigo's "driver's license" is a runaway hit

Olivia Rodrigo’s „driver’s license“ is a runaway hit

During its first three days of availability – Friday 8 through Sunday 10 – the song has sold 16,000 copies and has been broadcast 21 million times in the United States, according to preliminary numbers from MRC data. For the sake of comparison, this is actually more flows in three days of „mood“, the first place holder paintingStreaming playlist, achieved in the previous week’s entire chart (17.5 million streams). It’s also nearly 73% of the total sales that Justin Bieber posted to „Anyone“ that week (22,000), which is the best song in paintingDigital Song Sales Chart.

The influx numbers are still rising. The „drivers‘ license“ rose 122% in the streams from Friday to Saturday, and another 32% from Saturday to Sunday, at which point the crowd’s excitement began to spread. Endorsements from contemporary pop stars. The song didn’t seem to be slowing down since the weekend either – it’s currently # 1 on the US daily charts for both of them Apple Music And the Spotify, With a new high of around 5.7 million plays per day on the latest service, which is outpacing the total of the second to seventh most played songs combined, according to its listed daily stats.

A „drivers license“ (which Interscope Records will start promoting next week) has already been set up to make a big impact on the Hot 100 next week. Just how big is it? Check back with painting Next Tuesday to see where it finally lands on the chart.