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StartentertainmentRumors Summary: Drew McIntyre Returns, Triple H Status, WWE Signature, More!

Rumors Summary: Drew McIntyre Returns, Triple H Status, WWE Signature, More!

Speculating on the rumors surrounding pro wrestling is a favorite pastime for many fans, perhaps second only to watching the matches already. In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors raised by the professional wrestling rumor mill.

Important reminder: rumors are just rumors. None of this has ever been confirmed to be fact, it’s just circulation around the professional wrestling rumor mill. We track the accuracy of the rumors on a weekly feature called Rumor Look Back that you can find Here. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.

Today’s rumors:

  • for every PW Insider, WWE hopes Drew McIntyre to be released to register for Superstar Spectacle on Friday.
  • Triple H’s final comeback and match continues Raw It is not expected to lead to anything else and is back on the sidelines indefinitely.
  • Anthony Henry has signed with WWE, according to Insider. Will work in NXT.
  • Taya Valkyrie has officially ended Impact Wrestling and it looks like there is interest from both WWE and AEW.
  • Riho may not be returning to AEW anytime soon, he says ForemanBecause traveling abroad remains a problem.

If you’ve heard any interesting rumors that you’d like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Just remember that they are rumors and have not been confirmed as fact so please take it that way. And check out „weekly rumors.“ Here To keep track of the validity of the rumors.