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StartentertainmentSelena Gomez accuses Facebook of spreading `` misleading scientific information '' about...

Selena Gomez accuses Facebook of spreading „ misleading scientific information “ about the Corona virus

Selena Gomez Believes The social networking site Facebook He could be responsible for „thousands of deaths“ due to allegedly spreading disinformation about the novel Corona Virus.

The 28-year-old pop star Take to Twitter on Tuesday to share a video showing Imran Ahmed, founding CEO of the Center to Combat Digital Hate (CCDH), speaking to BBC News about how major tech companies are reporting information related to COVID-19.

In the clip shared on Gomez’s account, Ahmed is questioned about Facebook’s previous claim It removes wrong information „It can cause bodily harm“ and about vaccinations. He claimed from the team’s findings that companies like Facebook do not remove exactly the number of posts they claim.

„So we took 1000 bits of the wrong information. We made some volunteers report it using their own systems … Less than 5% has been removed,“ Ahmed claimed. “And this is what happens when you actually check them. The truth is, we have lit the gas before Social media companies Who say they do their best but are actually doing nothing at all ‚

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Gomez, whose Twitter account has 64 million followers, called on Facebook to make sure it was closely monitoring what was being said on its platform.

„Scientific disinformation will cost lives and will cost them. @ Facebook said they do not allow falsehoods about COVID and vaccines to be spread on their platforms. So how is all this still happening?“ Gomez tweeted.

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The „Lose You to Love Me“ singer added, „Facebook will be responsible for thousands of deaths if they don’t take any action now!“

GOOGLE and FACEBOOK have agreed to cooperate against potential antitrust actions, according to the draft law

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The Center for Combating Digital Hate has praised Gomez for joining the „outrage“ against Facebook for allegedly „taking advantage of prolonging the epidemic.“

However, a Facebook spokesperson claimed, the company is committed to communicating the correct facts regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

“We are committed to reaching as many people as possible with accurate information about vaccines, and we have launched partnerships with the World Health Organization and UNICEF to do so. We have blocked ads that discourage people from getting vaccinations and have reduced the number of people seeing vaccine scams. Disease control, „the statement said on behalf of the social media platform.

„We also categorize pages and groups that frequently participate in vaccine scams, reduce their posts in the latest news, and do not recommend them to anyone. We continue to remove accounts and content that violate our policies, and we are the only company with more than 80 fact-finding organizations around the world,“ he continues. .

Back in July, The social networking site Facebook Create a partition in a file Covid-19 The information center is called „Facts about COVID-19“ which it is in World Health Organization It would „expose common myths about the epidemic.“

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At the time, a Facebook spokesperson told FOX Business that the company had „been connecting people with reliable information on COVID since January“ and the information center had been operating since March. Facebook said Its efforts have linked 2 billion people with information from health authorities.

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Likewise, reports earlier this month claimed that the social media giant is changing hate speech Algorithms To prioritize removing posts targeting minorities. The initiative, dubbed the WoW Project, aims to improve The social networking site FacebookAutomated systems that find and delete hate speech and racial slurs instantly, and are blocked on the website, The Washington Post mentioned, Citing internal documents.