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StartentertainmentStar Wars voice actor Tom Kane may not be able to voice...

Star Wars voice actor Tom Kane may not be able to voice commentary again after suffering stroke

star WarsActor Tom Kane, who voiced various characters in Creative franchise, He might not be able to do the voiceover again, according to his daughter.

Kane, aged 58, Had a stroke Two months ago, his daughter Sam revealed „weakness in the right side and damage to the speech center in his brain.“ The social networking site Facebook Wednesday’s page.

Sam explained that her father is currently unable to „efficiently oral communication, read or spell“.

He’s still very efficient and he’s pretty much the same, but he can only type a few words at the moment. „

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Actor Tom Kane, voiced by Yoda, at the US premiere of Star Wars The Clone Wars in Hollywood, California, on August 10, 2008.
(Robin Beck / AFP via Getty Images)

While Kane said he is currently receiving „excellent care“ in Kansas City while undergoing physical, speech and occupational therapy, her daughter said he may not be able to pursue a career in voice acting in the future.

The post on social media said, „The neurologist warned us that he might not make a voiceover again.“

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Despite the physical setbacks, Kane’s daughter asserted that he „is still in good spirits and that his extreme stubbornness really helped him show an improvement in speech.“

The post also showed some recent photos of Ken with his family, as well as a comic picture of the actor standing next to a whiteboard that read, „Merry F — ing Christmas!“

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Kane is said to be best known for loaning the roles of Jedi Master Yoda and Admiral Yularen in „Star Wars: The Clone Wars,“ as well as 2008. Movie. He also portrayed Admiral Akbar in „Star Wars Episode Seven: The Last Jedi“.

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Additionally, according to the actor’s IMDB page, the professional narrator – who started his life at the age of 15 – has also played roles in Archer, The Big Bang, The Powerpuff Girls, Halloween: Awakening and Thor: God of Thunder, „Robot Chicken: Star Wars III“, and the video game „Fortnite“, among others.