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StartentertainmentDetails of the Secret Service files investigation of John Mulaney SNL joke

Details of the Secret Service files investigation of John Mulaney SNL joke

The CIA also told Mulaney of his joke that he „deeply hates the Founding Fathers“.

John Ogai Raise eyebrows In early December after the revelation of „Jimmy Kimmel Live!“ He was investigated by the United States The Secret Service Because of a joke he made during his monologue. „Saturday Night LiveThe mission was hosted in February 2020. Now the official US Secret Service files he obtained News agency In detail the extent of Moulani’s investigation. The Associated Press, which used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the files, reported that the office contacted NBC aboutSNLJoke but no direct interview with Mulaney.

Molaney’s joke „SNL“ centers on the concept of leap years, as the host notes that leap years began under Julius Caesar’s rule. Molani added: „Another thing that happened during the reign of Julius Caesar, he was such a strong freak that all the senators took knives, and stabbed him to death. That would be very interesting if we return it now.“

for every APTwo days after Mulani’s „SNL“ monologue, law enforcement officials called Thomas McCarthy, chief global security officer and senior vice president at NBC Universal, to express the agency’s desire to discuss the joke with the comedian’s attorney. The Secret Service file included a report from Breitbart titled “ SNL: John Mulaney laughs that senators should stab Trump like Julius Caesar. „The Mulaney case opened in March and closed in December.“

According to the Secret Service files, Mulaney made “no direct threats to Trump” and thus no wrongdoing was found on the part of the comedian. The files included other jokes from Mulani’s „SNL“ monologue, including one clip in which the comedian quipped that he „didn’t like the founding fathers so much,“ adding, „I hate when people are like,“ God didn’t create such a great group of men from Founding Fathers. Yes, 92 bulls. This is a perfect metaphor for the United States. When I was a boy, the United States was like Michael Jordan in 1992. Now the United States is like Michael Jordan. „

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Speaking to Kimmel in December, Mulaney said, “The person who checked me was fully aware that the joke had nothing to do with Donald Trump because it was an oval sign to him. I haven’t said anything about him. Regarding the risk assessment, no one who looked at me before thought … I registered one click. „

Mawlani added: „I said that I have joked about him since 2007, so I have been mocking him for 13 years.“ „They said if it was a joke, then I would be acquitted by the Secret Service.“

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