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StartWorldFishermen rescue a naked fugitive from crocodile-infested waters in Australia

Fishermen rescue a naked fugitive from crocodile-infested waters in Australia

Two hunters rescued a naked runaway and found him sitting on a tree branch in the habitat of an Australian crocodile. Cam Faust said on Wednesday that he and fellow recreational hunter Kev Joyner, Luke Voskresinsky, 40, had heard of calling for help on Sunday as they set up lobster traps from their boat in the mangroves on the outskirts of the northern city of Darwin.

Faust said that Voskresinsky – who was covered in mud, wounds and insect bites – explained that he had lost for four days and survived eating snails and used his clothes to „cut small pieces along the way.“

„It just didn’t make any sense to us,“ Faust said, referring to an explanation of her nudity. „He had a nest made of a tree, and he was just a meter (39 inches) above the water and there were crocodiles in the water, so he managed to survive.“

Ngor said friends hesitated before bringing Voskresinsky on the plane.

“Once we saw how bad he was and how many wounds he had all over him and he was dehydrated and very weak … we thought it was better to put him in the boat,” Joyner said.

„We thought he had spent a big night after New Year’s and got lost and hurt himself in the bush,“ he added.

Faust said he stripped his underwear and Voskresinsky handed his shorts and a beer while the trio returned to Darwin.

„He seemed to need beer,“ Faust said, „even though he was in a bad shape.“

An ambulance was waiting at the ramp of Darwin’s boat when they arrived. Voskresinsky was taken to Darwin Hospital, where he was placed under police custody where he was being treated for exposure.

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Police said Voskresinsky was released on bail after being accused of armed theft, multiple aggravated assaults, deprivation of liberty and theft. But last week he cut off the electronic monitoring device and tried to escape from the police.

Court official Xavier La Cana said Voskresinsky was excused from appearing in court on Tuesday to face new charges of breach of bail and aggravated assault due to his hospitalization.

La Kanna said Voskresinsky would next appear in court on February 9th.

Faust said he decided not to visit Voskresinsky in the hospital after it was discovered that he was wanted by the police.