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Startentertainment'Superman & Lois' trailer: A new CW series set in Smallville

‚Superman & Lois‘ trailer: A new CW series set in Smallville [VIDEO]

Clark Kent and Lois Lynn fill their anxious offspring with a long-awaited secret in the latest trailer for The CW’s Superman and Lewis, Which kicks off with its full-night premier on Tuesday 23 February (7/8 J).

„When we dreamed of having a family, it wasn’t like that, was it?“ Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) asks Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) in a dramatic audio commentary. „I lost jobs, anxious teens, parents gone early.“ Right away, you can tell that this is not the case Tom Welling Smallville your dad.

Lewis‘ father (Dylan Walsh) even mocked Clark about resettling the family to his hometown, insisting that the „simple days“ he longed for „are long gone“. Watch:

Superman and LewisThe cast also includes partner Emmanuel as Lana Lang, Eric Valdez as Kyle Cushing, End Navaret as Sarah Cushing and Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge and Lolly Parks as The Stringer and Jordan Elsas and Alexander Garvinas as the sons of Lewis and Clark Jonathan and Jordan.

Fans can also expect to see ArrowDavid Ramsay reprises the role of John Diggle, although no further details are available about his return (return).

Click on PLAY in the video above to watch what’s new Superman and Lewis Trailer, permission Leave a comment with your thoughts below. Are you going to listen?

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