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StartWorldWafa dog waits for its owner six days outside the hospital

Wafa dog waits for its owner six days outside the hospital

When Jamal Centurk was transported by ambulance to Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon on January 14th, his dog, Punkuk, escaped from their apartment and followed him to the facility, where she waited patiently every day.

Hospital staff informed the Centurk family of the whereabouts of his canine friend.

But after Boncock returns home, sMurat Erkan, director of the hospital’s international patient center, told CNN he managed to escape again – and returned to the hospital every day.

The hospital said that Centurk’s apartment was nearby, and that the family was not sure how the dog had escaped.

Erkan said in a statement that „his dog (Punkuk) followed him to the hospital gate and refused to leave for six days until the owner left.“

„Although the family [took] Boncuk go home I managed to flee every day to wait at the hospital gate. „

To try to reassure and calm her, Senturk communicated with Boncuk through the window while he was staying at the facility.

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But his loyal four-legged friend refused to leave until Centurk left.

While watching, dog Erkan added that the hospital staff received the love of those who fed and took care of him.

„Jamal Centurk has been with Boncock for nine years and has also mentioned that he missed her a lot while in hospital,“ he said.

„After he was let out, he met his dog at the hospital gate. Punkkook had really acted kindly during the six days and was able to capture the love and affection of all the staff.“

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