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StartWorldA woman was horrified to discover "two-way cameras and mirrors" in the...

A woman was horrified to discover „two-way cameras and mirrors“ in the wall of a new home

When moving to a new place, you never know if you will be leaving any strange surprises from previous tenants.

We recently saw how a woman moved into a new home only to find the last owner left Part of the human heart In the kitchen.

Yes really.

But now another new home owner has made a rather strange discovery in his bathroom.

Annabelle Mickelson, 18, and her family recently moved into a new property in Arizona and were realizing that it was once a unique home.

However, despite its history, they still didn’t expect to find a two-way mirror and cameras hidden in the walls.

Annabell shared the wild story on TikTok

The family was confused when they noticed that the entire mirror was attached to the wall, so they decided to investigate.

Annabelle was so fascinated with the whole thing that she filmed the process of removing it and sharing the results On TikTok.

And commented on the video saying, „I’m a little scared!“

In the video, the family can be seen cutting through the wall, where they found some strange lockers as well as a two-way mirror and some wires that they believe were used for the cameras.

And she continued, „We were right! It was a two-way mirror! We screwed up the mirror, but okay.“

Mirror on the wall does not come off
They were skeptical about the mirror

The clip went Widely, It has been viewed over 2 million times, and garnered over 116,000 likes.

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Hundreds of people also commented with questions, so Annabelle ended up making a follow-up video to share more information about her discovery.

“The reason we made sure it was a two-way mirror is because this was a house [involved] In the cartel, I think you can say it. „

She added that the previous owner was known to have „parties all the time“.

Look inside the wall where the cabinets are
They found cabinets in the wall and wires for cameras

“There are cameras surrounding the house and we couldn’t know where the cameras went.

“There are cameras leading to the back gate so you can let people in.

„The neighbors told us this because someone used to party with this man and he knew everything about him.“

Annabelle also claimed that there might be $ 25,000 hidden somewhere in their garden where someone has come looking for money since they have lived there.

Commenting on Tik Tok Video, someone said, „Well that’s weird.“

Another said, „There was someone watching and recording someone.“

Another person admitted: “My sister moved into an old transformation shed and we found cameras in the attic.

„They were watching the barn owl nest.“

Others weren’t convinced it was a two-way mirror, some thought it might have been a glass for an aquarium, while others suggested it was a regular mirror because it had a back.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in a new home? Do let us know in the comments below.