Samstag, April 13, 2024

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StartWorldJoe Biden has a bust of Caesar Chavez in his Oval Office...

Joe Biden has a bust of Caesar Chavez in his Oval Office desk

Here’s another sign The extent of the different atmospheres In Washington tonight – The bust of a beloved Mexican American figure was placed near the new workplace of the new president’s home.

President Biden’s transition team chose the bronze bust for the icon Civil rights leader Cesar Chavez In the most conspicuous spot behind his assertive office is in the Oval Office, another sign of the tectonic shift that has occurred in the White House since Donald Trump is gone.

Bust 22 inches by Paul A. Suarez and was on display at the visitor center at Cesar y Chavez National Monument In Kane, California, in the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County. The Biden Harris transmission The Chavez monument announced on Wednesday that the office had requested to loan the statue.

The statue is placed in the middle The Biden family The photos, which should be shown to tens of millions of people every time Biden addresses the country from the powerhouse in the United States Executive Branch.

Paul Chavez, the activist’s middle son and president of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, praised the move in a statement.

He said, „Putting a bust of my father in the Oval Office symbolizes the new day full of hope that arises for our nation.“ „This is not only because it honors my father, but more importantly because it represents the faith and empowerment of an entire people who fought for him and sacrificed on his behalf.“

Cesar Chavez and co-organizer Dolores Huerta founded United Farm Workers, and they coined the term „Yes, you can(„Yes we can“) and paving the way to organize employment for future generations Chávez passed away in 1993.

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