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StartentertainmentMarvel fans probably don't know the heartbreaking backstory of Wanda and Vision

Marvel fans probably don’t know the heartbreaking backstory of Wanda and Vision

Image credit: Disney +, Marvel Studios

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Advance in this month, Disney + released Her mini series WandaVisionHot Marvel Cinematic Universe fans everywhere. The series revolves around the life of Wanda Maximov (Elizabeth Olsen(And vision)Paul BettanyAfter epic events Avengers: EndgameAnd the A film in the third stage of Marvel’s Infinity Saga Movie franchise.

Although, the show is easy to catch even if you don’t see it all The Avengers The movie, the episodes probably make more sense once you understand the backstory of the main characters, Wanda and Vision. To help you, we’ve gathered essential information to read it before you view it anymore WandaVision.

First, who is Scarlet Witch and Vision?

Let’s start from the get-go with Wanda, later known as The Scarlet Witch. Based on what we know From the MCU Movies (note: Comics depicting Wanda Variously), the Wanda story originated in the fictional country of Sokovia. There, Wanda grew up with her twin brother Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Tragically, the twins are orphaned in their pre-teens when they suddenly explode their apartment building and kill their parents. After discovering that the shell bore the name „Stark Industries“, a deep hatred arose on the two of them for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Also known as Iron Man.

Later on, the sister duo became a test subject for the evil HYDRA. While conducting the experiment, Wanda and Pietro captured superpowers. Since then, Wanda had telepathic and all sorts of mysterious manipulative powers, while her brother gained the ability to move at hypersonic speeds. for every, Then they became known as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

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Image credit: Marvel Studios
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Meanwhile, Tony created the Ultron, a highly intelligent robot, as a defense against HYDRA. But his plan goes horribly wrong when the robot tries to kill the Avengers. Motivated by their hatred for Tony, Wanda and Petro unite with Ultron, a plot that viewers see unfolds in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But later, Wanda and Pietro change their alliance and become vengefuls after Wanda discovers Ultron’s true intentions to wipe out humanity.

Meanwhile, Tony formulates another powerful Android system, Vision, to destroy Ultron. Through an epic battle in Sokovia, the Avengers complete their mission, despite the group losing Pietro with gunshot wounds in the fight.

So when will Wanda and Vision fall in love?

While Wanda and Vision are being introduced in UltronAnd the Their relationship Takes root in Captain America: The Civil War. After Wanda accidentally killed civilians while saving Captain America (Chris Evans), She was placed under house arrest, and Vision was assigned to make sure she stayed. While there, the two flirt with each other and relate to their outermost status. Although they end up fighting each other – Wanda with Captain America and Vision with Iron Man – Vision becomes concerned about Wanda being injured. At the end of the battle, the two converge.

Image credit: Disney +
Image credit: Disney +

The two are also associated with the Mind Stone, one of the six powerful Infinity Stones that later became a massive plot point when the super villain Thanos (Josh Brolin) He tries to get his hands on them all. Doing so gives him the power to tap his fingers and destroy half of the universe’s population.

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Sadly, Wanda and Vision’s love story doesn’t have a happy ending. Because the Mind Stone is at Vision’s head, Thanos won’t stop until he gets the stone. Realizing the danger if Thanos achieves his goal, Vision tells Wanda to take the stone from his head and kill it. Sadly, their plan gets skewed when Thanos can turn back time and Vigne kills himself.

Although the Avengers are able to undo the surprise that wiped out half the population Avengers: EndgameVision has been killed, and the superheroes cannot return him. This leaves Wanda, completely dazed again, without a family and the love of her life is gone. And all of this finally brings us to that WandaVision …

Image credit: Disney +
Image credit: Disney +

What is the WandaVision About?

Although Wanda and Vision seem as happy as ever in the first few episodes of the Disney + series, what viewers are likely to see, according to And the, Is an alternate reality created by Sad Wanda. Alternatively, an outside power could control Wanda, perhaps to keep its powers in trouble.

As the episodes progress, viewers are given hints that Wanda and Vision aren’t actually living their happiness together. We see this in the Stark toaster commercial that includes the tagline „Forget the past, this is your future!“ In the first episode. We also see Wanda and Vision struggle when the head of Vision and his wife ask them about their lives together. It’s possible all of these instances are indications of a heartbreaking development about to happen – perhaps Wanda learns to accept that Vision is no longer a part of her life.

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Very sad, right? Long story short, things really aren’t as they seem WandaVision. Maybe now, though, some elements of the show will start to make more sense, especially as the first season progresses.

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